Upper Mall, Overgate, Dundee

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Elegance Salon & Training Academy, Overgate Centre, Dundee

  • Brow Shape & Upper Lip (Thread / Wax)
    Now £8.49

    Brow Shape & Upper Lip (Thread / Wax)

    Normal Price £9.99

  • Brow Shape & Tint
    Now £11.89

    Brow Shape & Tint

    Normal Price £13.99

    Brow shape offer applicable to Threading or Waxing. A Patch test required for tinting 48 hours prior to treatment.
  • Brow Shape, Tint & Lash Tint
    Now £15.29

    Brow Shape, Tint & Lash Tint

    Normal Price £17.99

  • Semi Permanent Natural Lashes
    Now £25.49

    Semi Permanent Natural Lashes

    Normal Price £27.99

    Semi-permanent lash extensions are a long-lasting treatment designed to give you fuller looking eyelashes. If properly cared for, these lashes could last up to 90 day
  • Lash Lift & Tint
    Now £32.29

    Lash Lift & Tint

    Normal Price £37.99

  • Signature Brows
    Now £149

    Signature Brows

    Normal Price £250

    Signature Brows from Elegance uses Microblading and Micro Pigmentation to create a stunning, yet natural defined brow. With top-up £229
  • Vinylux Manicure
    Now £8.49

    Vinylux Manicure

    Normal Price £9.99

    For a durable, shiny, chip resistant polish that will last all week, get a Vinylux Manicure from Elegance Beauty.
  • Gellux Gel Manicure
    Now £20.39

    Gellux Gel Manicure

    Normal Price £23.99

    A Gellux Gel manicure will give you chip and scratch proof nails with lasting colour for up to two weeks.
  • Shellac Manicure
    Now £20.39

    Shellac Manicure

    Normal Price £23.99

    Shellac is a strengthening nail polish which offers chip-free shine and colour for up to two weeks.
  • Acrylics with Gel / Shellac
    Now £20.39

    Acrylics with Gel / Shellac

    Normal Price £37.99

    Treat yourself to an Acrylic manicure with a Shellac or Gel Polish finish at Elegance beauty.
  • Acrylics Extensions French Tip
    Now £28.00

    Acrylics Extensions French Tip

    Normal Price £32.99

    Get elegant looking nails with the acrylics extensions French tip treatment at Elegance.
  • Bikini - Hot Wax
    Now £15.29

    Bikini - Hot Wax

    Normal Price £17.99

    Get ready to flaunt your beach bod with a bikini wax from Elegance.
  • Hollywood - Hot Wax
    Now £25.49

    Hollywood - Hot Wax

    Normal Price £28.99

    Rid your bikini area of body hair with a Hollywood hot wax from Elegance.
  • Full Leg
    Now £20.39

    Full Leg

    Normal Price £23.99

    A full leg wax from Elegance will let you show off your pins, whether it’s for the summer, for a special occasion or just because you like smooth legs!
  • Under Arm
    Now £6.79

    Under Arm

    Normal Price £7.99

    Get silky, smooth underarms with an underarm wax from Elegance. No more itchy razor burn.
  • Full Arm Wax
    Now £15.29

    Full Arm Wax

    Normal Price £17.99

  • Side Of face (IPL & Laser)
    Now £26

    Side Of face (IPL & Laser)

    Normal Price £60

  • Upper Lip (IPL & Laser)
    Now £18

    Upper Lip (IPL & Laser)

    Normal Price £45

  • Chin (IPL & Laser)
    Now £17

    Chin (IPL & Laser)

    Normal Price £50

  • Neck (IPL & Laser)
    Now £24

    Neck (IPL & Laser)

    Normal Price £75

  • Full Face (IPL & Laser)
    Now £49

    Full Face (IPL & Laser)

    Normal Price £125

  • Under Arms (IPL & Laser)
    Now £25

    Under Arms (IPL & Laser)

    Normal Price £75

  • Half Leg (IPL & Laser)
    Now £49

    Half Leg (IPL & Laser)

    Normal Price £150

  • Full Leg (IPL & Laser)
    Now £64

    Full Leg (IPL & Laser)

    Normal Price £225

  • Bikini Line (IPL & Laser)
    Now £24

    Bikini Line (IPL & Laser)

    Normal Price £45

  • Full Bikini (IPL & Laser)
    Now £49

    Full Bikini (IPL & Laser)

    Normal Price £115