Eyebrow Waxing



If you are looking to define your eyebrows while simultaneously ridding the area of unwanted hair, then the eyebrow waxing at Elegance Beauty salons is perfect for you.

This treatment involves spreading hot wax over the unwanted hairs and removing it by applying a cotton strip over it. Eyebrow waxing has become incredibly popular in recent years and is used by many women to aesthetically enhance their facial features by curving or slimming down the brows and by targeting hair growing in the glabella to totally eliminate the dreaded uni-brow.

Our procedure is quick and the results of eyebrow waxing usually last for around about four weeks. The treatment itself only take approximately 8 minutes, so it’s ideal for individuals who need their brows sorted in a jiffy.

Eyebrow waxing does lift the upper layers of skin in addition to removing hair, which means redness and puffiness are a normal occurrence post-wax. Let the red areas cool naturally to allow skin to adapt to the change and avoid exposure to sun and heat treatments for at least 48 hours after treatment.

Pop in to one of our salons, or book your eyebrow waxing appointment online at Elegance Beauty. We look forward to seeing you soon.


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