Japanese Manicure


Japanese Manicure

A Japanese Manicure from the Elegance Salon & Training Academy in Dundee, can restore weakened & damaged nails to strength. Book your Japanese Manicure

A Japanese manicure is a unique eastern procedure which allows the most weakened and damaged nails to be restored completely.  After several sessions of the Japanese manicure, nails become firm, elastic, and smooth, and they acquire a healthy pink shade and a natural shine.

Firstly, the result is visible practically at once.  Many problems are solved in a matter of two weeks.  The preliminary diagnosis of the condition of a nail plate offers one of the reasons for the high efficiency of the Japanese manicure.

The Japanese manicure consists of several stages.  These include preparation, to begin with, then polishing by means of special pastes and powders. This is followed by the use of medical whey, which seals each nail individually, depending on the structure and the problems of the nail plate.

In the end, there is massage by hot grassy sacks. The sequence of performance is identical for everyone, but individual preparations are selected for each person.  These preparations consist of natural components.

The procedure is applied to care or restore problem nails, and after the removal of artificial nails.


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