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Lash Lift & Tint

Lash Lift

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Lash Lift & Tint is available at these salons

Elegance: Glasgow Fort

Provan Walk, Opp: Starbucks
Glasgow Fort

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Elegance : St Nicholas Centre, Aberdeen

Unit W4

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Elegance: Thistles Centre, Stirling

Unit 19 Marches Mall
The Thistles Centre

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Elegance: Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh

Lower Mall
Ocean Terminal

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Elegance : Wellgate, Dundee

Level 1
Wellgate Shopping Centre

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Elegance Express Beauty: Keiller

Unit 50-51
Keiller Shopping Centre

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Elegance Upper Mall: Overgate, Dundee

Unit 22 - 23, Upper Mall
Overgate Centre

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Elegance : Lower mall, Overgate

Lower Mall
Overgate Centre

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Elegance: Fort Kinnaird

Fort Kinnaird Adjacent Frankie & Benny's
Newcraighall Road

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Lash Lift
Lash lift is a perming method, using silicone shields this technique lifts the lash from the root and can lift, straighten or curl upwards creating a volumized look to your own natural lashes. This treatment is combined with a tint to give you a volumized mascara look.
What are the benefits of lash lift?
This treatment enhances your natural lashes without the need of ongoing maintenance
There is no need to wear mascara for a few weeks as the treatment includes las tint
The lashes look fuller thicker and longer
The curls last around 5 weeks, depending on the health of your lashes and how you take the treatment
If you are a hay fever sufferer and find your eyes are itchy or stream this treatment is beneficial for you
Is there anything I need to do before my lash lift treatment? Pre-care?
Arrive with clean lashes to your appointment
Avoid oil-based products on and around the eye area.
Shower before your appointment as you will not be allowed to get the lashes wet at all for 24 hours after your treatment
Remove your contact lenses if you wear them or bring your case and solution with you.

How old must I be to have this done?

From age of 16+ you can receive this service 

How long does Lash Lift last for?
Ideally, it can last up to 6 weeks, but this can vary from person to person, no maintenance appointments are required. We recommend you repeat this process every 6-8 weeks to lift the new hair growth. With the use of harsh products and heat or if you are a swimmer you may find your lashes drop or weaken prematurely.
How long will this treatment take?
Your appointment will take approximately 60 minutes.
Do I need a patch test?
Yes, If you have not had lash lift before or with elegance salons within the last 6 months, please pop in for a patch test 48 hours prior to your appointment. If you are a regular for lash lift with us, you do not require a patch test, if there are no changes to your medical history.
Is this treatment safe?
Yes, lashes are lifted on to special made eye pads before applying the products.
Does this hurt?
This treatment is closed eye and painless. Clients find this procedure to be relaxing
I wear contact lenses can I have this done?
Yes, this is suitable for you, although we do recommend you removing your lenses for duration of the treatment
Can I apply mascara on my lashes?
Yes, you can after 48 hours, applying mascara can give a dramatic look, however if you do not apply any products on your lashes you can get longer out of them.
Does lash lift damage your natural lashes?
No, providing you follow the aftercare for the treatment.
I have an eye infection is this suitable for me?
A stye presents as a lump, inside or at the edge of your eyelid which can become inflamed and painful. If you have any other eye infections this should be reported to your therapist and if you have any concerns- seek medical advice.
What should I be doing after my treatment, are there any restrictions? Aftercare
For 48 hours avoid getting your lashes wet
Do not use harsh products on your lashes
For 48 hours avoid sauna, swimming and steam as this will weaken the effect of your treatment
Do not use eyelash curlers and waterproof mascara
Avoid any facial treatments for 48 hours
Use gentle soap free products around the eyes and use a lash nourishing serum daily

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