Nail extensions are great, but they aren’t for everyone. Whether you already have long, healthy nails or simply want to skip the nail lengthening process, there is an alternative: the nail overlay.

This is a coat of acrylic or gel which is applied directly onto the natural nail. This provides an extra layer of protection, strength and durability, which, in turn, means that the nail is less prone to breakages and splits.

Once the acrylic or gel has been applied and set, the nails are filed and buffed to your preferred shape and are finished by painting with a high gloss Shellac or Gel Polish.

Overlays are particularly beneficial to those who have trouble growing out their natural nails, or for those who bite their nails and, as a result, have short brittle nails. Those who lead active lifestyles, or who have long nails would benefit greatly from acrylic overlays, as these are the strongest and longer lasting.

Unlike traditional nail extensions, nail overlays can be easily applied to toenails in addition to fingernails, so you can match your polish flawlessly.

This treatment takes approximately 45 minutes to carry out and can last for 2 weeks on average. Once they start to fade, or chip, it is best to have them topped up or removed by a trained nail technician to avoid damaging the natural nail.


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