Though many associate the perm with the 80s, the style has by no means been left in the past. Perming is a popular hairstyle that has evolved with the times.

The 21st-century perm allows you to vary the size and tightness of the curls, so you end up with a hairstyle that is personalised to you.

A perm, also commonly known as a permanent, is a wave that is created by using heat and/or chemicals to break and reform the cross-linking bonds of the hair structure.

Perfect for creating hair that looks full of volume.

Perms are created by washing the hair and wrapping it. Waving lotion or ‘reagent’ is applied to give you luscious curls. Perming can be carried out on practically long, medium or short hair.

At Elegance Beauty Salon & Training Academy in Dundee, our team of hair stylists are on hand to give you a modern perm that is far from the cringe-worthy ones of the 1980s. So, book your appointment with us online now.

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