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Manual Tan

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Manual Tan is available at these salons

Elegance: Glasgow Fort

Provan Walk, Opp: Starbucks
Glasgow Fort

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Elegance : St Nicholas Centre, Aberdeen

Unit W4

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Elegance Upper Mall: Overgate, Dundee

Unit 22 - 23, Upper Mall
Overgate Centre

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Elegance: Fort Kinnaird

Fort Kinnaird Adjacent Frankie & Benny's
Newcraighall Road

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Manual Tan
Manual tanning is a form of self-tanning for clients who want to achieve a bronzed look all year round. A lotion is applied evenly onto your body. The lotion is then left on for some hours to develop the colour, into a streak free natural looking shade of tan.
What are the benefits of a Manual Tan?
Prevent sun damage
Get realistic results
Minimises the risks of mistakes as the tan is applied as a lotion
Do I have to do anything before my treatment? Pre-care?
We advise you to exfoliate before your appointment.
Apply moisturiser on to your body as drier areas need to be thoroughly moisturised for an even tan
Wear lose clothing for your appointment as some tan may transfer on to clothing before washing off after tan development

How old must I be to have this done?

From age of 16+ you can receive this service
What should I wear for this treatment?
Most clients wear a swimsuit, as they would at the beach- depending on areas you would like tanned.
How long will this treatment take?
Your appointment will ideally take around 35-45 minutes, depending on if its full/half body tan duration of that treatment may vary
How long will the tan take to develop?
It can take up to 8 hours to develop at which point you can shower to wash it off, to reveal the natural looking tan beneath.
How long does the tan last?
Manual tan can last up to 5-7 days
Does manual tan smell?
Our manual tans have a pleasant smell
 What should I be doing after my treatment, are there any restrictions?
Avoid chlorine
Wear lose fit clothing to minimise the tan rubbing of your skin
Avoid getting wet or sweating within 8 hours of treatment
Shower rather than bathe
When washing use a mild soap