Threading is an ancient Eastern form of hair removal, though its exact origins are much disputed. One thing is for sure, it has been practiced by Asian and Middle Eastern women for centuries and has grown in popularity here in the west in recent years.

In eyebrow threading, a thin piece of cotton thread is doubled and twisted, then rolled over areas of unwanted hair. This process picks up hair at the follicle, but unlike tweezing, this method can remove a line of hair at a time, creating a very clean and precise hairline.

There are many benefits of eyebrow threading when compared to other forms of hair removal. Many people find threading less painful than waxing. The results can last for three to four weeks.

It is perfect for eliminating the much-dreaded uni-brow and is capable of removing even short hairs and, as there are no chemicals, heat or creams used in this treatment, it is often regarded as a safer method of hair removal.

Of course, the length of time eyebrow threading will take will vary from individual to individual, but on average it only lasts for approximately 8 minutes.

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