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Threading is available at these salons

Elegance: Glasgow Fort

Provan Walk, Opp: Starbucks
Glasgow Fort

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Elegance : St Nicholas Centre, Aberdeen

Unit W4

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Elegance: Thistles Centre, Stirling

Unit 19 Marches Mall
The Thistles Centre

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Elegance: Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh

Lower Mall
Ocean Terminal

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Elegance : Wellgate, Dundee

Level 1
Wellgate Shopping Centre

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Elegance Express Beauty: Keiller

Unit 50-51
Keiller Shopping Centre

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Elegance Upper Mall: Overgate, Dundee

Unit 22 - 23, Upper Mall
Overgate Centre

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Elegance : Lower mall, Overgate

Lower Mall
Overgate Centre

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Elegance: Fort Kinnaird

Fort Kinnaird Adjacent Frankie & Benny's
Newcraighall Road

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Threading is an ancient hair removal technique that has been used in India and the Middle East for thousands of years. Recently, threading has begun to gain popularity in Western culture, particularly in the United States. The technique has provided many people with a proven alternative to waxing and plucking. However, there are still many people that do not know about threading and how it can improve their beauty routine.

1. How threading is done?

It’s a very simple concept of using two 100% sterile threads that are doubled and then twisted using a specific technique. The thread is then rolled over the area with unwanted hair.

 2. How long threading results last?

Threading generally last up to 3-4 weeks

 3. Is threading painful?

We all have different levels of pain tolerance. However, many of our clients tell us that they have far less discomfort with threading than waxing. And still others tell us they have no discomfort at all!

 4. Can I thread more than just my brows?

Yes, we thread your upper lip, chin, cheeks, and sideburns.

 5. . I’m on Accutane. Can I still have threading performed on my face? 

Yes! Dermatologists approve of threading because it does not break the skin. Nor does it pull it like waxing.

 6. What if I have sensitive skin?

Persons with sensitive skin are perfect candidates for threading! Also, diabetics, cancer patients, Retin-A users, those taking medications that cause skin sensitivity or irritation. Threading is the gentle and effective alternative to waxing.

 7. What about the possibility of cross contamination? 

Threading we use 100% sterile cotton thread that is rolled over the area. When the session has ended the thread is tossed. So you never have to worry about passing bacteria from one person to another.

8. Could I get a rash or extreme irritation with threading? 

No. We guarantee that you will not ever get a rash with threading or extreme irritation. Threading does not require heat. Nor does it require any pulling of the skin the way waxing does. You may have some mild redness but that will go away quickly.

Get in touch with the team at your local Elegance Beauty salon and book your threading appointment today.